Spring 2012 Schedule

MacMillan International Relations Seminar Series - AY 2011-12

Spring 2012 


25th: Alec Stone Sweet (Yale), “Trustee Courts and the Evolution of International Regimes: Non-Compliance, Override, and Majoritarian Activism”


1st: Christopher Gelpi, Duke University, ”Polarizing Patriots: Divergent Responses to Patriotic Imagery in News Coverage of Terrorism”

8th: Vipin Narang (MIT), “Deterring Unequally: Regional Nuclear Postures and International Conflict”

15th: Bernd Beber, NYU, ”Who Supports Partition? Insights from a New Survey in Sudan”

22nd: Erik Voeten, Georgetown, ”Unbalanced Globalization in the Oil Exporting States

February 29

29th: Elizabeth Saunders (George Washington), ”The Electoral (Dis)Connection in U.S. Foreign Policy”


21st: Peter Aronow (Yale),”The Effects of Aid on Rights and Governance: Evidence from a Natural Experiment”

28th: Page Fortna (Columbia), ”Do Terrorists Win? Rebels’ Use of Terrorism and Civil War Outcomes”


4th: Carol Ember (Yale), “Resource Uncertainty and Ethnic Violence in Eastern Africa”

11th: Navid Hassanpour, (Yale), ”Information and Intervention: On the Consequences of International Omniscience”

18th: Michael Tomz, Stanford University, ”An Experimental Investigation of the Democratic Peace”


25th: Tonya Putnam (Columbia), “Legal Layering and Substitution: A Theory of Strategic Behavior and Treaty Membership” 


2nd: Dustin Tingley (Harvard University), ”Sailing the Water’s Edge: Where Domestic Politics Meets Foreign Policy”