2021-22 Schedule

MacMillan International Relations Seminar Series - AY 2021-22

Format/location for Spring 2022: refer to schedule.

Meeting times: Wednesdays, 12:00PM - 1:20PM.

*Subject to change, depending on COVID-19 conditions and university guidelines.

* *Call-in details will be circulated via the listserv before each talk.

Fall 2021


1st: Tyler Bowen, Yale University, “The Logic of Escalation and the Benefits of Conventional Power Preponderance in the Nuclear Age”  (on Zoom)

8th: James Sundquist, Yale University, “How Chinese Loans Substitute for IMF Assistance” 

22nd: Nicholas Sambanis, University of Pennsylvania, “Norms, Ideas, and Identities: Overcoming Discrimination Against Immigrants”


6th: Cleo O’Brien-Udry, Yale University; “Aid, Blame, and Backlash: The Political Economy of Unpopular Aid”

19th (Tuesday): David Minchin, Yale University; “Self-Reported Deterrence Beliefs and Crisis Simulation Behavior in a World of Splendid Counterforce”

27th: Fahd Humayun, Yale University; “The Punisher’s Dilemma: Domestic Opposition and Foreign Policy Losses”


3rd: Alexandra Zeitz, Concordia University; “Too much of a good thing? China, the IMF, and Sovereign Debt Crises”

17th: Alex Downes, George Washington University; “Nuclear Compellence Revisited: Explaining the Success and Failure of Nuclear Compellent Threats” 


1st: Jessica Weeks, University of Wisconsin-Madison; “Domestic Support for U.S. Intervention in Foreign Elections”

8th: Nicole Wu, University of Toronto; “Restrict Foreigners, Not Robots: Technological Displacement and Policy Preferences in the United States”

Spring 2022


26th: Michael Goldfien, Yale University; “Hawks, Doves, and Regime Type in International Rivalry and Rapprochement“ (on Zoom)


2nd: Dana Stuster, Yale University; “Great Powers, Regional Powers, and the Balance of Power in Conflict” (on Zoom)

16th: Changwook Ju, Yale University; “Conflict-Related Sexual Violence and Zero Inflation: A Meta-Analytic Investigation” (in-person, Rosenkranz 05)

23rd: Jeffrey Taliaferro, Tufts University; “Crises of Change in US Military Alliances” (on Zoom)


2nd: Karen Alter, Northwestern University; “The Legalization of Global Economic Governance: Contracting or Multilateralism?” (on Zoom)

16th: Kelebogile Zvobgo, College of William and Mary; “Rules of Engagement: Elite Cues and Public Support for International Organizations” (on Zoom)

30th: James Vreeland, Princeton University; “The Impact of China’s AIIB on the World Bank” (in-person, Rosenkranz 05)


6th: David Lake, UC San Diego; “Indirect Rule: The Making of U.S. International Hierarchy” (in-person, Rosenkranz 05)

20th: Edward Mansfield, University of Pennsylvania;  “The Myth of Accountability: Comparing Anti-Globalization Sentiment in the United States and United Kingdom” (in-person, Rosenkranz 05)

29th (Friday): Prospectus Fair, Yale 3rd-year PhD cohort (format and location TBD)