2020-21 Schedule

MacMillan International Relations Seminar Series - AY 2020-21

Zoom*  | Wednesdays | 12:00PM - 1:20PM

* Call-in details will be circulated via the listserv prior to each talk

Fall 2020


2nd: Jean-François Bélanger, University of Waterloo, “TBD” (Postponed)

23rd: Jonas Tallberg, Stockholm University, “The Elite-Citizen Gap in International Organization Legitimacy” 

30th: Jakana Thomas, Michigan State University, “Sisters are Doing it for Themselves: How Female Combatants Gender Peace Agreements in Civil Wars”


7th: Tanisha Fazal, University of Minnesota (12:15PM start), “What is the International Community”

21st: Marina Duque, Florida State University, “The Logic of Expressive Rationality”

28th: Peter Katzenstein, Cornell University, “Protean Power: A Second Look”


4th: Tyler Jost, Brown University, “Institutional Origins of Miscalculation in Chinese Foreign Policy”

18th: James Cameron, King’s College London, “Arms Control: Lessons from a Long History”


4th: Student Presentations

Spring 2021


20th: Paul Poast, University of Chicago, “Man, Russia, and War”


3rd: Rachel Myrick, Duke University, “Do External Threats Unite or Divide? Security Crises, Rivalries, and Polarization in American Foreign Policy” 

17th: Rebecca Perlman, Princeton University, “Precaution in the Private Interest: How Companies Use Private Information to Shape Global Regulations”

24th: Sonal Pandya, University of Virginia, “Repelling Rape: Foreign Direct Investment Empowers Women”


3rd: Amy Pond, Technical University of Munich, “International Economic Relations and Individual Preferences for Anti-Trust Policy”

17th: Lindsay Dolan, Wesleyan University, “Deciding Development: How International Organizations Classify and Create Developing Countries”

31st: Peter Rosendorff, NYU, “Designing International Organizations”


21st: Layna Mosley, Princeton University, “Government Choices among Debt Instruments”

28th: Christina Schneider, UC San Diego, “Globalization and Democratic Representation”


5th: Simone Dietrich, University of Geneva, “TBD”