2018-19 Schedule

MacMillan International Relations Seminar Series - AY 2018-19

Rosenkranz Hall 05 | Wednesdays | 12:00PM - 1:20PM 

Fall 2018


5th: Will Nomikos (Yale), “Local Peace, International Builders: How the UN Builds Peace from the Bottom-Up (co-sponsored by Comparative Politics) 

19th: Lauren Pinson (Yale), “Lawyers, Guns, and Money: When and Why States Allow Illicit Trafficking” 

27th: Francesco Squintani (Warwick), “Networks and Ideology” (co-sponsored by Leitner, will be held in Luce Hall 202) 


2nd: Michael Beckley (Tufts), “Systemic Crisis and the Emergence of Border Disputes” (co-sponsored by ISS, to be held in the Alwin Hall seminar room)

25th: In Song Kim (MIT), “Mapping Political Communities: A Statistical Analysis of Lobbying Networks in Legislative Politics” (co-sponsored by Leitner, to be held in Luce Hall 202)


8th: Michael Bechtel (WUSTL), “Inequality and Redistribution Behavior” (co-sponsored by Leitner, to be held in Luce Hall 202) 

28th: Hye Young You (NYU), “Foreign Lobbying in the U.S. Congress: Evidence from Free Trade Agreements”  


5th: Matthew Cebul (Yale), “Repression and Mobilization in the Shadow of Foreign Intervention”

Spring 2019


15th: Danielle Jung (Emory), “”After the Quake: Heterogeneous Gender Effects and the Political and Social Consequences of the 2010 Haitian Earthquake” (co-sponsored by Comparative Politics, held in Luce 202)

30th: Michael Joseph (Yale), “Core interests, Crisis Behavior and Reputation: A Survey Experiment with National Security Elites”


7th: Iain Osgood (Michigan), ”Nowhere to Go: FDI, Terror, and Market-Specific Assets” (co-sponsored by Leitner, held in Luce 203)

20th: Joshua Kertzer (Harvard), “Strategic Empathy and the Security Dilemma: Cross-National Experimental Evidence from China and the United States” (co-sponsored by ISS)

27th: Christina Davis (Harvard) and Yeling Tang (Oregon), “The Limits of Liberalization: WTO Entry and Chinese State-Owned Firms” (co-sponsored by Leitner)


3rd: David Kang (USC), “Selection Bias in Power Transition Theory: The Lessons of East Asian History” (co-sponsored by ISS)

18th: Sarah Bermeo (Duke), TBD (co-sponsored by Leitner, held in Luce 203)

24th: Jennifer Erickson (Boston College), “Reputation, Public Opinion, and US Nuclear Non-Use in the Cold War” (co-sponsored by ISS)


1st: Stephanie Rickard (LSE), “Incumbents Beware: The Impact of Offshoring on Elections” 

Faculty coordinators: Alexandre Debs and Didac Queralt

Student coordinator: Tyler Bowen