2016-17 Schedule

MacMillan International Relations Seminar Series - AY 2016-17

Rosenkranz Hall 05 | Wednesdays | 12:00PM - 1:20PM (Unless noted otherwise)

Fall 2016


7th: Jiyoung Ko (Yale University), “A Prelude to Violence? The Effect of Nationalism on Foreign Policy Preference”

14th: Suparna Chaudhry (Yale University), “The Assault on Democracy Assistance: Explaining State Repression of NGOs”

21st: Matt Scroggs (University of Virginia), “With Friends Like Theses: Democratic Allies and Coercive Threats”

28th: Leonardo Baccini (McGill University), “Security, Trade, and Political Violence”

5th: Jack Snyder (Columbia University), “Empowering Rights through Mass Movements, Religion, and Reform Parties”

12th: Stacie Goddard (Wellesley University), “Embedded Revisionism: Networks, Institutions, and the Challenge to World Order”

30th: Joslyn Barnhart (Wesleyan University), “The Consequences of Defeat: Military Failure and State Aggression”


7th: Fotini Christia (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), “Networks of Sectarianism: Experimental Evidence on Access to Services in Baghdad”

Spring 2017


18th: Daryl Press (Dartmouth College), ” The Strategic Logic of Energy Mercantilism “

20th: Aila Matanock (UC Berkeley), ”How Does International Intervention Work? Mechanism  for Securing Peace Settlements in Civil Conflicts”

25th: Dustin Tingley (Harvard University), “A Liberal International American Foreign Policy? Maybe Down but Not Out” 


1st: Emily Ritter (UC Merced), ”Contentious Compliance: Repression and Dissent in the Shadow of International Law”

8th: Michael Horowitz (University of Pennsylvania), “Labor, Capital, and Public Attitudes: The Case of Autonomous Weapon Systems” 

15th: Michaela Mattes (UC Berkeley), ”Hawks, Doves, and Peace: An Experimental Approach”


1st: William Nomikos (Yale University), ”Local Peace, International Builders: Localized Peace Enforcement after Civil Wars”

8th: Allan Dafoe (Yale University), “Global Politics of AI”

29th: Thomas Zeitzoff (American University), ”How Emotions and Victimization Influence Foreign Policy Attitudes: Experimental Evidence from Georgia”


5th: Keren Yarhi-Milo (Princeton University) , “Who Fights for Reputation in International Politics? “

12th: Paul Poast (University of Chicago), ”Planning War Together: Explaining Agreement and Nonagreement in Alliance Treaty Negotiations”

14th: Ron Hassner (UC Berkeley), ”Critiques of Torture, Weak and Strong” (Friday Session joint with the Religion and Politics Colloquium)

19th: Alexandre Debs(Yale University), ”Optimism and War”

26th: Kenneth Schultz (Stanford University), “Enforcing Treaties or Enforcing Borders? International Law and Third-Party Involvement in Interstate Territorial Disputes”

Faculty coordinators: Allan Dafoe and Nuno Monteiro 

Student coordinator: Jiyoung Ko