2015-2016 Schedule

MacMillan International Relations Seminar Series - AY 2015-16

Fall 2015

16th: Nikhar Gaikwad & Gareth Nellis (Yale University), “Do Politicians Discriminate Against Internal Migrants? Evidence from Nationwide Field Experiments in India”

23rd: Judith Kelley (Duke University), “Scorecard Diplomacy: U.S. Efforts to Fight Human Trafficking Around the World”

30th: Phil Haun (Yale University), “Coercion, Survival and War: Why Weak States Resist the United States”

7th: Brian Greenhill (Dartmouth College), “IGOs and the Diffusion of Human Rights Practices”

14th: Yuke Li (Yale University), “A Network Approach to International Relations”

29th: Mark Copelovitch (Wisconsin-Madison), TBA (co-hosted with Leitner )

4th: Alexander Downes (George Washington University), TBA

11th: Brian Rathbun (University of Southern California)
The Price of Peace: Perceiving Costly Signals of Reassurance

November 18th
18th: Todd Sechser (University of Virginia), TBA

2nd: Oona Hathaway (Yale Law School), “The Worst Crime of All: The Paris Peace Pact and the Beginning of the End of the War”

9th: Dara Cohen (Harvard University), TBA

Spring 2016

20th: Allan Dafoe (Yale University), “Coercion and Provocation”

27th: Anita Gohdes (Harvard University), “Repression Technology: Internet Accessibility and Strategic State Violence”

3rd: Randall Stone (Rochester), ”Corporate Influence in World Bank Lending”

10th: Robert Trager (UCLA), “Topology of a Gordion Knot: Procedural Justice and the Construction of Intractable Conflict in Israel-Palestine

17th: Alexandre Debs (Yale) with Nicholas Anderson and Nuno Monteiro, “The Political Effects of Nuclear Proliferation”

24th: Brian Rathbun (USC), TBA

2nd: Cassy Dorff, TBA

9th: Tanisha Fazal (Notre Dame), “Life and Limb: New Estimates of Casualty Aversion in the US”

30th: Suparna Chaudhry (Yale University), The Assault on Democracy Assistance: Explaining State Repression of NGOs

6th: Erik Voeten (Georgetown), “International Organization Membership and the Use of Force: A Distributive Perspective “

13th: Christina Davis (Princeton Univeristy), “The Forces of Attraction: How Security Interests Shape Membership in Economic Institutions”

20th: Jiyoung Ko (Yale University), “A Prelude to Violence? The Effect of Nationalism on Foreign Policy Preference”

27th: Maggie Peters (Yale University), TBA