2014-2015 Schedule

MacMillan International Relations Seminar Series - AY 2014-15

Fall 2014


3rd: Jeffrey Friedman (Dartmouth College), ”The Use of Probability in Military Decision Making”

10th: Michael Barnett (George Washington University), “Paternalism Beyond Borders”

17th: Charli Carpenter (University of Massachusetts Amherst), “The United Nations or Skynet? Political Science  Fiction and the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots”

24th: Kevin Russell (Yale University), ”Shared Plans or Shared Power? Rule of Law Paths in New Democracies”

29th: Jon Pevehouse (University of Wisconsin-Madison), ”Foreign Lobbying and Human Rights Ratings” (co-hosted with Leitner) 


6th: Thomas Oatley (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
“Security Shocks, Military Buildups, and Budget Deficits in Postwar America” (co-hosted with Leitner)

15th: Lindsey O’Rourke (Boston College), “Why do States Launch Covert Regime Changes? Evidence from U.S.-Backed Regime Changes During the Cold War”

29th: Thania Sanchez (Yale University), “When Do Human Rights Commissions Improve Human Rights? Lessons From Mexico’s State Human Rights Commission”


5th: John Owen (University of Virginia), “Springs and Their Offspring: The International Effects of Domestic Uprisings”

12th: David Lake (University of California, San Diego), “The Statebuilder’s Dilemma: Legitimacy, Loyalty, and the Limits of External Intervention”

17th: Leslie Johns (University of California, Los Angeles), “The Price of Decentralized Enforcement in the WTO”
(co-hosted with Leitner)


3rd: Jonathan Caverley (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), “Foreign Military Training and Coup Propensity”

10th: Kevin Russell, Seok-ju Cho, & Nicholas Sambanis (Yale University)
“The Occupier’s Dilemma: Foreign Imposed Nation Building After Ethnic War”

Spring 2015


12th: Jeffry Frieden (Harvard) “Currency Politics: The Political Economy of Exchange Rate Policy” (co-hosted with Leitner)

21st: Joshua Kertzer (Harvard), “Resolve in International Politics”

28th: Ian Shapiro (Yale), “Resisting Domination Across Borders”


4th: Alex Weisiger (Penn, “Exiting the Coalition: When do States Abandon Coalition Partners During War?”

11th: G. John Ikenberry (Princeton) & Daniel Deudney (Johns Hopkins), “America and the Globalization of the Westphalian System: The Imperial ‘Old West’ and the Anti-Imperial ‘New West’ ”

25th: Jennifer Mitzen (Ohio State), “All Security is Ontological”


4th: Mike Findley (UT-Austin), “Electoral Institutions and Electoral Cycles in Foreign Direct Investment: A Field Experiment”

25th: Jason Lyall (Yale), “Humanitarian Assistance as a Weapon of War”


1st: Scott Sagan (Stanford), “Just a War Theory? American Public Opinion on Ethics in Military Combat”

8th: Barbara Walter (University of California, San Diego)
“The Logic of Rebel Strategies in Civil War”

13th: Sarah Bermeo (Duke University), “Development and the Changing Periphery: Relations Between Industrialized and Developing Countries in a Globalizing World” (co-hosted with Leitner)

15th: Nicholas Miller (Brown University), “Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Weapons Proliferation: Examining the Links”

20th: Abraham Newman (Georgetown University)
“Deciding to Defer: The Importance of Fairness in Resolving Transnational Jurisdictional Conflicts” (co-hosted with Leitner)

27th: Tana Johnson (Duke University), “Alliances Between International Bureaucrats and Civil Society Groups in Global Governance” (co-hosted with with Leitner)