2013-14 Schedule

MacMillan International Relations Seminar Series - AY 2013-14

Fall 2013


4th: Erica de Bruin (Yale University), “War and Coup Prevention in Developing States”

11th: Benny Miller (Haifa/Princeton), “Between Warm Peace and Hot War: The ‘Arab Spring’ and the Post-Cold War International Order” 

18th: Matthew Longo (Yale), “Sovereignty in the Age of Securitization: A Study of Borders and Bordering in the US after 9/11”

25th: Emilie Hafner-Burton (UCSD), ”Transparency of Investor-State Arbitration”


2nd: Cameron Ballard-Rosa (Yale), “Hungry for Change: Urban Bias and the Political Economy of Autocratic Sovereign Default” 

9th: Robert Trager (UCLA), ”A Preference for War: How Fairness and Rhetoric Influence Leadership Incentives in Crises”

16th: James Morrow (Michigan), ”The Domestic Foundations of International Norms: Non-Intervention versus Territorial Integrity”

21st: Giovanni Facchini (Nottingham), “The Rhetoric of Closed Borders: Quotas, Lax Enforcement and Illegal migration” (co-hosted with Leitner)

30th: Phil Arena (SUNY Buffalo), ”Costly Signaling, Resolve, and Martial Effectiveness”


6th: Bear Braumoeller (OSU), “Is War Disappearing?”

13th: Charles Glaser (George Washington), “Taking China’s Rise Seriously: Competition, Unilateral Concessions or a Grand Bargain?”

18th: Stergios Skaperdas (UC Irvine), “Nation-Building through War: Military Victory and Social Identification after the Franco-Prussian War” (co-hosted with Leitner)

4th: Vincent Pouliot (McGill), “The Many Ontologies of Multilateral Pecking Orders”

9th: Layna Mosley (UNC-Chapel Hill), Categories, Creditworthiness and Contagion: Investors’ Shortcuts and Sovereign Debt Markets (co-hosted with Leitner)

Spring 2014


15th: Joanne Gowa (Princeton), “Conflict and Commerce: New Data about the Great War”

22nd: David Robert Howell (Yale), ”A New Multilateralism: Resolving the Definitional Debate about the Underpinnings of International Organizations”

29th: Deborah Brooks and Stephen Brooks (Dartmouth), “Pretty Prudent Partisan Theory of U.S. Foreign Policy Opinion” 


5th: Jessica Weiss (Yale), ”Stability Amidst Leadership Transitions in the Asia-Pacific”

10th: Alexandre Debs and Nuno Monteiro (Yale University), “An Economic Theory of Hegemonic War” (co-hosted with Leitner)

19th: Cameron Thies (ASU), ”The Spatial Dimensions of State Fiscal Capacity: The Mechanisms of International Influence on Domestic Extractive Efforts” 

24th: Stephanie Rickard (LSE), ”Policy Targeting: Special Interest Politics, Geography and Electoral Institutions” (co-hosted with Leitner)


5th: Edward Mansfield (UPenn), ”The Political Economy of the Itching Palm: A Cross-National Analysis of Tipping”


2nd: Paul Huth (Maryland), ”International Law and the Consolidation of Peace Following Territorial Change”

9th: Stephen Krasner (Stanford), “State-Building: Outside In”

16th: Jennifer Lind (Dartmouth University), ”Geography, Technology, and the Coming Struggle for the Pacific” 

23rd: Allan Dafoe (Yale), “Confounding in Survey Experiments with an Application to the Democratic Peace”

28th: Tim Buthe (Duke University), ”The Politics of Market Competition: Trade and Antitrust in a Global Economy” (co-hosted with Leitner)

30th: Milan Svolik (University of Illinois at Urbana‑Champaign), ”Deliver the Vote! Micromotives and Macrobehavior in Electoral Fraud” (co-hosted with Leitner)

Faculty coordinator: Nuno Monteiro

Student coordinator: William Nomikos