2012-13 Schedule

MacMillan International Relations Seminar Series - AY 2012-13

Spring 2013


23rd: Avery Goldstein (University of Pennsylvania), “First Things First: The Danger of Crisis Instability in U.S.-China Relations”

30th: Nikolay Marinov (Yale University), “Uncovering the Persuasive Effects of Democratic Criticism”


13th: Martha Finnemore (George Washington), “Constructing Statistics for Global Governance” 

27th: Helen Milner (Princeton), “Which Devil in Development? A Large-N Survey and Randomized Field Experiment Comparing Bilateral Aid, Multilateral Assistance, and Government Action in Uganda”


6th: Cameron Thies (Iowa), ”The Spatial Dimensions of State Fiscal Capacity: The Mechanisms of International Influence on Domestic Extractive Efforts” 

3rd: Colin Kahl (Georgetown University), “Assessing the Dangers of a Nuclear Armed Iran”

10th: Yonatan Lupu (George Washington), “The Networked Peace: IGOs, Preferences and International Conflict” 

17th: Gary Cox (Stanford University), ”The Power of the Purse and the Reversionary Budget” (co-hosted with Leitner)

24th: Sarah Bush (Temple), “The Taming of Democracy Assistance”


1st: Cameron Ballard-Rosa, Allison Carnegie, and Nikhar Gaikwad (Yale University)
“Economic Crisis and Sectoral Variation in Trade Policy”