Spring 2017 Schedule

Spring 2017 Schedule

MEETINGS WILL BE HELD FROM 11:45 A.M.-1:20 P.M. IN ROSENKRANZ HALL, ROOM 005, 115 PROSPECT STREET. Papers will be made available a week in advance via the mailing list.

January 18

Daryl Press (Dartmouth College) , ” The Strategic Logic of Energy Mercantilism “

January 20

 Aila Matanock (UC Berkeley), “How Does International Intervention Work? Mechanism  for Securing Peace Settlements in Civil Conflicts”

(Friday Session joint with the Order, Conflict, Violence Program)

January 25

Dustin Tingley (Harvard University), “A Liberal International American Foreign Policy? Maybe Down but Not Out” 

February 1

Emily Ritter (UC Merced), “Contentious Compliance: Repression and Dissent in the Shadow of International Law”

February 8

Michael Horowitz (University of Pennsylvania), “Labor, Capital, and Public Attitudes: The Case of Autonomous Weapon Systems” 

February 15

Michaela Mattes (UC Berkeley), “Hawks, Doves, and Peace: An Experimental Approach”

March 1

William Nomikos (Yale University), “Local Peace, International Builders: Localized Peace Enforcement after Civil Wars”

March 8

Allan Dafoe (Yale University), “Global Politics of AI”

March 29 

Thomas Zeitzoff (American University), ”How Emotions and Victimization Influence Foreign Policy Attitudes: Experimental Evidence from Georgia”

April 5

Keren Yarhi-Milo (Princeton University) , “Who Fights for Reputation in International Politics? “

April 12

Paul Poast (University of Chicago), “Planning War Together: Explaining Agreement and Nonagreement in Alliance Treaty Negotiations”

April 14

Ron Hassner (UC Berkeley), “Critiques of Torture, Weak and Strong”

(Friday Session joint with the Religion and Politics Colloquium)

April 19

Alexandre Debs(Yale University), “Optimism and War”

April 26

Kenneth Schultz (Stanford University), “Enforcing Treaties or Enforcing Borders? International Law and Third-Party Involvement in Interstate Territorial Disputes”