Fall 2017 Schedule

All talks will be held in Rosenkrantz Hall, Room 005 from 11:45 AM to 1:20 PM unless otherwise notified. All papers will be sent out via the listserv, with some papers being posted here at the author’s permission. 

September 6

Ryan Powers (Yale), “Economic Anxiety and Trade Policy Preferences” 

co-sponsored by Leitner

September 13

Detlef Sprinz (Yale), “The Effectiveness of Climate Clubs under Donald Trump” 

September 20

Scott Abramson (Rochester), “The Economic Effects of Leaders’ Economic Interests”

co-sponsored by Leitner

October 5

Matthew Winters (Illinois), “Political Sophistication and Reactions to Political Corruption”

co-sponsored by Leitner, will be held on Thursday 

October 12

Eoin McGuirk (Yale), “No Kin in the Game: Moral Hazard and War in the US Congress” 

co-sponsored by Leitner, will be held on Thursday

November 1

Lauren Pinson (Yale), “Problem-Specific Foreign Aid for Constraining the Transnational Illicit Small Arms Trade”

November 8

Sarah Kreps (Cornell), “Absence of Accountability: A Machine-Assisted Analysis of Legislative Engagement on US Foreign Policy” 

November 15

James Morrow (Michigan), “A Spatial Model of Multilateral Negotiations” 

November 30

Jiahua Yue (Yale), “International Pressure and Public Attitude Towards International Institutions in China” 

Shikhar Singh and James Sundquist (Yale), “Understanding Trade Preferences: Economic Ignorance and Out-group Anxiety”

co-sponsored by Leitner, will be held Thursday

December 6

Rachel Wellhausen (Texas), “The Price of Doing Business: How Upfront Costs Deter Political Risk”