2022-23 Schedule

MacMillan International Relations Seminar Series: 2022-2023

Format/location for Fall 2022: in-person, Rosenkranz 005, unless otherwise indicated.* 

Meeting times: Wednesdays, 12:00PM - 1:20PM, unless otherwise indicated.

*Subject to change, depending on COVID-19 conditions and university guidelines.

* *Call-in details will be circulated via the listserv before each talk, if virtual.

Fall 2022


7th: Cleo O’Brien-Udry (Yale University); “Aid Withdrawal: Theory and Evidence from Climate Politics”

21st: Michael Goldfien (Yale University); “Hawks, Doves, and Regime Type in International Rivalry and Rapprochement” 

28th (joint with ISS Seminar): Joseph Torigian (American University); Prestige, Manipulation, and Coercion: Elite Power Struggles in the Soviet Union and China after Stalin and Mao


5th: Ryan Brutger (UC Berkeley); ”Litigation for Sale: Private Firms and WTO Dispute Escalation”

12th (joint with ISS Seminar): Fiona Cunningham (University of Pennsylvania); “China’s Search for Coercive Leverage: Space Weapons, Cyber Attacks, and Precision Missiles in the Information Age”


9th (4 - 5:20 PM, RKZ 102): Mark Copelovitch (UW-Madison); “Media Consumption, Political Networks, and Public Attitudes toward Inflation”

30th: Rick Da (Yale University); “The Legal Doctrines of Territorial Sovereignty Dataset”


7th: Julia Gray (University of Pennsylvania); “How International Organizations Survive”

16th (FRIDAY, 12 - 2PM, RKZ 05): Changwook Ju & Dana Stuster (Yale University, joint session)

Spring 2023


25th: Rachel Wellhausen (UT Austin)


1st: Julia Morse (UC Santa Barbara)

8th: Jeff Colgan (Brown University)

23rd (Thursday in Luce 202, joint with Leitner PE Seminar): Renee Bowen (UC San Diego)


1st: Roseanne McManus (Penn State)

8th: Aila Matanock (UC Berkeley)

29th: Matthew Fuhrmann (Texas A&M)


12th: Todd Sechser (University of Virginia)

19th (joint with ISS Seminar): Joshua Shifrinson (Boston University)

27rd (Thursday in Luce 202, joint with Leitner PE Seminar): Brett Benson (Vanderbilt University)