2019-2020 Schedule

MacMillan International Relations Seminar Series - AY 2019-20

Rosenkranz Hall 05/Zoom | Wednesdays | 12:00PM - 1:20PM

* Co-sponsored with Leitner, Thursdays (Time and Room TBA)

^ Cancelled due to COVID-19

Fall 2019


4th: Jiahua Yue (Yale), “External Coercion and Public Support: The Case of the US-China Trade War”

19th: Ken Scheve (Stanford), “Mass Support for Global Climate Policies” (co-sponsored with Leitner)

25th: Janina Dill (Oxford), “Attitudes Towards War: Instrumental Imperitives, Moral Principles and International Law” 


2nd: Lauren Pinson (Yale/UPenn), “Bullets Over Borders: Why States Allow Illicit Economies”

23rd: Jack Levy (Rutgers), “Why 1914 and Not Before? A Comparative Study of the July Crisis and Its Precursors”

31st: Amanda Kennard (NYU), “The Enemy of My Enemy: When Firms Support Climate Change Regulation”


6th: Student presentations

Spring 2020


16th: Mike Tomz (Stanford), “Public Opinion and Foreign Electoral Interference” * 

29th: Nicolas Guilhot (CNRS), “Globalism and the Deep State: On Some International Aspects of Conspiracy Theories”


5th: Caitlin Talmadge (Georgetown), “Deterrence in the Emerging Nuclear Era”

19th: Austin Carson (Chicago), “Off the Map: The Evolving Geographic Imaginary of American Foreign Policy”

27th: Robert Gulotty (Chicago), “Supplying Influence: How Supply Chains Shape Corporate Politics” *


4th: Beth Simmons (Penn), “Border Anxieties in a Globalizing World”


1st: Jean-Francois de Belanger (Yale), “With the Bomb on Their Mind: The Effects of Media Exposure on Nuclear Restraint in Public Opinion” ^

16th: Amy Pond (Texas A&M), “TBD” * ^

22nd: Peter Katzenstein (Cornell), “Protean Power: A Second Look”  ^

29th: Christina Schneider (UCSD), “TBD” * ^

Summer 2020


20th: James Sundquist (Yale), “Does China Offer Bailouts”


3rd: Changwook Ju (Yale), “Sovereign Credit and War”

17th: Cleo O’Brien-Udry (Yale) and Lauren Ferry (University of Mississippi), “Turning the Tables: Aid, Status, and Stability in the International System” 


1st: David Allison (Yale), “The Risk of Destabilizing Technologies: Assessing Threats to Strategic Stability” 

15th: Tyler Bowen, Michael Goldfien, and Matthew Graham (Yale), “The American Public’s Conditional Aversion to Nuclear Strikes”

29th: Stephen Herzog (Yale), “After the Negotiations: Understanding Multilateral Nuclear Arms Control”


12th:  Viva Jerónimo (Yale)

Faculty coordinators: Alexandre Debs, Nuno Monteiro, and Tyler Pratt

Student coordinator: Michael Goldfien (michael.goldfien@yale.edu)