2017-18 Schedule

MacMillan International Relations Seminar Series - AY 2017-18

Rosenkranz Hall 05 | Wednesdays | 12:00PM - 1:20PM (Unless otherwise noted)

Fall 2017


6th: Ryan Powers (Yale), “Economic Anxiety and Trade Policy Preferences” 

13th: Detlef Sprinz (Yale), “The Effectiveness of Climate Clubs under Donald Trump”

20th: Scott Abramson (Rochester), “The Economic Effects of Leaders’ Economic Interests”  


5th: Matt Winters (Illinois), “Political Sophistication and Reactions to Political Corruption” (Co-hosted with Leitner)


1st: Lauren Pinson (Yale), “Problem-Specific Foreign Trade for Constraining the Transnational Illicit Small Arms Trade”

8th: Sarah Kreps (Cornell), “Absence of Accountability: A Machine-Assisted Analysis of Legislative Engagement on US Foreign Policy”

15th: James Morrow (Michigan), “Negotiating the ICC”

30th: Jiahua Yue (Yale), “International Pressure and Public Attitudes toward International Institutions in China”

James Sundquist (Yale) and Shikhar Singh (Yale), “Understanding Trade Preferences: Economic Ignorance and Out-Group Anxiety”


6th: Rachel Wellhausen (UT-Austin), “International Investment Law and Foreign Direct Reinvestment” 

Spring 2018


17th: Ryan Powers (Yale), “Public Opinion, International Commitments, and the Supply-side of Trade Protection”

24th: Thania Sanchez (Yale), “The Unintended Consequences of Human Rights Commissions”

31st: Kathleen Powers (Dartmouth), “Nationalism, Social Identity Content, and Foreign Policy Attitudes” 


7th: David Carter (Wash U), “Systemic Instability and the Emergence of Border Disputes”

14th: Julia Gray (Penn), “Patronage Explanations for the Survival of International Organizations”

19th: Sarah Mitchell (Iowa), “Water Resources and Conflict” (Co-hosted with OCV)

28th: Brett Benson (Vanderbilt), “Transmission of Violence through Arms Trade Networks”


7th: Lawrence Broz (UCSD), “Explaining Foreign Interest in China’s Global Economic Leadership”

28th: Rosella Capella (Boston U), “Forged by War: From Great War to Global Economy”


19th: Julia Cage (Sciences Po), “The Price of a Vote: Evidence from France, 1993-2014”

23rd: Christopher Price (Yale),  “Legacies of Conflict: Polarization and the Targeting of Violence in Civil War” 

25th: Keir Lieber (Georgetown), “The End of Nuclear Arms Control” 

Faculty coordinators: Alexandre Debs and Didac Queralt

Student Coordinator: Tyler Bowen